Grounding myself the only way that comes natural, by being in nature. Thank you earth.

Himalayan slat crystals, lavender, and deep mediation. Taking one of my favorite quotes literal tonight, “bathe in the healing.”

Reasons I don’t make friends at school:

Girl sits next to me: “I’m totally invading your spot, but I’m gonna do homework here too.”
Me: “yeaaaa… I’m gonna move”

"You have to be able to appreciate these things. How many people can say it was a full moon last night and appreciate it?" Last night’s meditation with the moon peeking through the clouds was beautiful and intense.

Does than mean you're going to grow a sweet beard?! :D

If I could grow a beard, I wouldn’t need a damn man. lol

Because I’m incapable of walking.


At least the morning we headed back to Quebec on looked like this.

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Screw that anon! You look great. Razors are expensive anyway.

Thank you!!! Das what I’m sayin!

Uhm ew. They invented razors for a reason.

You’re right, your opinion has changed my mind. In gonna go shave now.

I’m pretty much over society’s standards for women. This is my body and I’ll do with it as i please. Who are you to tell me i need to shave to be beautiful and sexy. Y’all can suck it.